Amateur photography, video, and filming during the Museum’s normal operating hours are always welcome. Any of the above outside of our normal open hours, such as filming at dawn or after dark, requires special permission from the Administration or Board of Directors as it would impact the work schedules of our paid employees.

Commercial photography and video or film shooting also requires special permission from the Museum Administration or the Board of Directors, especially if the activity will restrict the free movement of the general public through all the exhibits of the museum or requires special sets of a temporary nature, or otherwise impacts the normal operations of the museum.  Commercial photography or filming of any sort may require the payment of non‐refundable fees to the Museum prior to start of any project.  Use of any sort of aircraft such as drones, radio controlled airplanes, helicopters, etc. is subject to rules and regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration because of the proximity of the Bishop Airport.

Photography, Film and Video Productions
  • Commercial Photography:

1 – 10 People    $145.00

11 -  30 People    $200.00

31+ People        $300.00

Extended hours rates may apply.

Damage Deposit (Refundable) $250.00

  • Television/Video/Motion Pictures:

1 – 30 People    $500.00

30 - 60 People    $1,000.00

61+ People        $1,500.00

Extended hours rates may apply.

Damage Deposit (Refundable) $1,000.00

Liaison $50.00 per hour. 

PROCESSING AND MONITORING FEES will vary depending on the estimated hours of Laws Museum time

required to process the application and to monitor filming and reclamation.

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