Volunteer Opportunites:

We host many community events and activities. Without the devotion of our volunteers, many of these would be derailed. Volunteers are a gift to the community. You can make a difference. We understand that life commitments don’t provide the freedom to volunteer on a regular basis. However, if your days are somewhat flexible and you are able to give us a little time, we would love to have you. Please take a moment to call or message us if you are interested in joining the team.

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Mining Crew ~ Describe and demonstrate mining equipment in a safe manner to enhance visitor experience. Provide information about local mining history.

Grounds/Maintenance ~ Love working with your hands? Painting? Gardening? With eleven acres, we have something to spark joy for everyone.

Reception / Gift Shop ~ Welcome and orient visitors in a manner that provides a positive first impression. Assist guests while shopping as needed. Operate cash register, receive payment for donations, entrance fees, memberships, and events,

Docent ~ Offer information pertaining to local mining, railroad, ranching history, and local places of visitor interest.

Train Crew ~ Demonstrate, operate and maintain historic railroad equipment, and provide information regarding railroad history.

Hop on board. We will train you!

Pun intended.

Help Support Laws Railroad Museum & Historical Site through the donation of your time.

"Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have."

~ Jim Rohn