Circa 1915, the Conway Ranch House was constructed. This historic ranch house, typical of its era, holds over a Century of Owens Valley memories. The Conways, a 19th Century ranching family, operated freight and stage lines between Lundy and Bodie, and always had a hospitable welcome for weary, dusty travelers. Richie and Tweed Conway occupied the dwelling in Bishop for twenty years and in 1983 the historic home was moved to Laws Railroad Museum & Historical Site. The move was not without controversy, but with demolition the only other option, public outcry was insistent: Richie and Tweed’s house must be saved. It was, and is, a significant representation of the historical and cultural history of the era and the area.

In 1983, with generous citizen donations from the public as well as support from the private sector of the community, the “Conway House” was ceremoniously escorted to its present location at the Laws Museum, where, for the past forty years, it has given tens of thousands of visitors a glimpse into Owens Valley pioneer life.

But...after forty years at the museum, the Conway House is in need of support from the community once more. A generous grant from Inyo County allows us to begin the process of upkeep of this historic home. However, we are about $25,000 short of the needed funds for reroofing, and exterior patch and painting of this old ranch house.

Denton Sonke, manager of the Bishop Chamber of Commerce in 1983 is quoted as noting the Conway House to be “A beautiful old home, a vanishing segment of our valley’s history."  With your help, the Conway House can be a respected and appreciated, not a vanishing segment, of our Owens Valley history.

Earmark your donations for the Conway House, and help preserve this window to our cultural history!  Thanks for your support.