What's Here:

The water from this well filled the Water Tank across the tracks to the west.  The Water Tank then filled the boilers of steam locomotives which  required large quantities of water.  The well also supplied water to the rest of the Laws Station, including the agent’s house, from about 1938 to 1960.  From 1960 to the present, the Laws Railroad Museum and Historical Site has been served by a Community Water District.

This is one of the original well structures.  The derrick was used to lift the pump out of the well for replacement or repairs (note the hand-operated winch.) The large electric motor, built in 1928, turned a 1¼” diameter shaft that rotated four impellers below the waterline.  The pipe, housing with impellers, and shaft can be seen stored outside the tower on the south wall of the building.


The structure was built in 1938.   It was preceded by a 20' hand-dug primitive well, powered by a windmill just south of the Water Tank